What To Expect – House Call Chiropractic

1- Active Chiropractic care plans: these are *generally 4-6 adjustment sessions. Once we choose a date and time for your appointment, I will drive to your location once per week for a total of 5 house calls, including the initial appointment/examination visit. On the last visit of an active care plan there is a re-examination and any ongoing recommendations are given based on desired goals.

2- Pro Active Chiropractic care plans: After an active care plan is complete, patients can elect to continue with wellness-minded visits.  These are monthly visits that get scheduled 6 months to 1 year in advance. These appointments focus not only on chiropractic services but also much more such as movement or nutrition coaching, and long-term strategies for living a healthier life.

3- Pregnancy Care Plans: Having a baby is one of the most beautiful moments in a woman’s life. I want to make sure that throughout your pregnancy your body is functioning at its best and that you and your baby are as comfortable as possible so that you can have an optimal birthing experience. The pregnancy care plan is designed to take you all 9 months throughout pregnancy. A post-partum visit is also including after baby is born.

To learn more about pregnancy plans, follow this green link to speak directly to Dr. Meagen

*Starting chiropractic care after your first trimester?  This is no problem, fees will be adjusted to meet you where you are at in pregnancy.


I will drive to your location. The initial visit will last approximately one hour, and the cost is $195.00. I will take a detailed health history and make sure all appropriate paperwork is done. After we make a game plan together based on agreed upon goals, we will start a chiropractic examination. This could include blood pressure readings, orthopedic examinations, as well as various neurological exams. This is done at your home or office.

****For office calls, I do require employer confirmation that this will be okay. For information regarding fees for multiple people in a family speak with dr. Meagen

Follow up sessions are $100.00 for a 30-minute visit OR  $125.00 for a 45-minute visit that includes appropriate adjustments, therapies, or lifestyle counseling. My adjusting “style” or technique will vary for each person at each session but may include not only the chiropractic adjustment but also such things as soft tissue mobilization, taping, neuromuscular re-education, extremity work, and other healing work needed.

The major focus of my chiropractic care is eliciting proper brain and body system functions, not simply a quick in and out session which some of you may be accustomed to. My mission to work on you as a whole system working with you both physically and emotionally to help provide you with a better brain/body connection and ultimately get you on track to exhibiting your optimal health.

****I can accept payment via check, exact cash amounts, and credit/debit cards as well. Health saving accounts are accepted. 

I am out of network with all insurance carriers 

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