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Having a healthy pregnancy is something that as parents we all hope for, especially for us as woman carrying our young. The more prepared we are before and during our pregnancy the better our overall pregnancy can be. My goal with this guide is to help provide you with what I feel are some of the 3 key essentials needed to have the best possible pregnancy.
If you are exhausted every night...

If you want to have the right nutrition but are overwhelmed with what's best...

If you want to exercise but are in pain and don't know what to do for the trimester you are in...

If you want a healthy pregnancy where you can learn to use your intuition with control and conviction throughout pregnancy and birth...

Essential Tip #1: SLEEP

Learn how sleep effects your hormones and your ability to recover from stress

Essential Tip #2: NUTRITION

Take my advice for some basic,  but essential nutrition tips to keep you and your baby healthy!

Essential Tip #3: MOVEMENT

Exercise is optional, Movement is essential! Learn how to stay fit before, during, and after your pregnancy.

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