The major focus of my chiropractic care is eliciting proper brain and body functions, not simply a quick in and out session which some of you may be accustomed to. My mission is to work on you as a whole system working with what whole of you, not just some of the parts to help provide you with a better mind/body connection and ultimately get you on track to exhibiting your optimal health.

Dr. Meagen is out of network with insurance carriers, but can provide a superbill to you for reimbursement to your health insurance company should you choose to do so.

I can accept payment via check, exact cash amounts, and credit/debit cards as well. Health saving accounts are accepted as well.

Upon scheduling a phone or virtual consultation, Dr. Meagen will get to know you and what you are looking for support in and will then discuss best options and what to expect from services provided.

YES!! Payments plans and options are available for Holistic Coaching and the Holistic Life Program Complete. Dr. Meagen can discuss this further with you during consultation.

Chiropractic Care is paid per visit.

I cannot tell you how long it will take within the Holistic Living Experience and Coaching. What I can tell you is that once you start becoming more aware things start to shift more easily for you. The time frame is really up to you and your commitment to yourself. I am able to provide you with tools and techniques to help support you along the way in order
for you to create your own self-mastery.

With Chiropractic Care, many individuals feel the benefit of care after 2-6 visits. This is just a guideline as for some it’s quicker and others it may take longer. But the ore work you do for yourself outside of care the better you hold your adjustments and the less you need. Dr. Meagen works with many other healthcare providers and will make sure that if for some reason you are not seeing the results you need she can appropriately refer you as needed.

Are You….?

● Willing to make space in your life for you?
● Open-minded and ready to consider new options
● Open to understanding why and how things happen in your body
● Want to enjoy your relationships again

This is NOT for you if…

● You are not willing or committed to make lifestyle changes
● You don’t like learning or reading
● You are unwilling to change your belief systems of what can be possible for yourself

Self-empowerment is not a quick fix or an overnight miracle. Reconnecting with yourself is a life-long journey that is never done or completed. Things will always come up to the surface to challenge us. But with the right tools, and support around you, you can better face those challenges with more ease and grace. Thus, allowing you to live in a state of freedom and joy as you live harmoniously in your true and authentic nature.

Hey there

Welcome to House Calls! I’m Dr. Meagen Mateialona, a house call chiropractor, wife and mom to 3 awesome little kiddos!