According to psychology, emotions are states of feeling that are characterized by having physical and mental changes that subsequently prompt certain thought patterns and actions in response to the specific emotional state or the stimuli that triggered this state.

What does this mean? In a nutshell it basically means that our emotions create our thoughts, actions and behaviors on a daily basis. Our emotional energy is what moves us.

So what are our Emotions?
E-motions simply put are energies in motion. They are designed to move through us and not be stored.When energy is not expressed it is repressed because the energy has to go somewhere. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transformed.

Many of us store our emotions in our bodies instead of letting them move through us. When we don’t allow our emotions the opportunity to be released from our bodies it often manifests itself in other ways such as anxiety, depression, angry outbursts, and with physical symptoms such as autoimmune disorders, obesity, headaches, chronic pain, intestinal disorders, and difficulty sleeping.
So how do we start to understand our emotions and how do we start to allow our emotions to pass through us instead of staying dormant within us?
In order to heal we need to feel. We need to allow ourselves to feel our emotions and then choose to let them move through us. This is not always easy especially if the emotional charge is intense such as an intense trauma or grief. But when we allow ourselves to feel our feelings, we give our bodies the permission to let go of our stored emotional energy and we free ourselves from the stress of holding onto all of that energy. With less physical and emotional stress in the body, the less chance there is of developing emotional or physical symptoms. What are some ways we can release the energy tied to our emotions? There are many ways to aid us in releasing stored emotions from the body including:

Breathwork (The Presence Process book is an excellent resource for releasing stored energy in the body)
• Drawing or Painting
• Journaling
• Dancing
• Listening or playing music
• Allowing yourself to cry
• Exercising
• Meditation
• Connecting to your higher power
• Support groups/Finding a tribe of people for yourself
• Therapy/Speaking with someone you can trust
• Observation and sitting in stillness and presence

Honor your feelings and emotions, validate them, accept them as they are and then let them go. We can’t run away from our feelings. They will always be there. We can choose how we feel about each emotional charge that comes our way. We always have the power to change our perspectives.
I encourage you to start to practice the above on a daily basis with any of the examples above. Start to notice how you start to change within as you start to let your emotions move through you. Give yourself time and grace when starting this process. It isn’t easy and quite honestly, it is a life-long practice. We are human after all, having a human experience. Feelings can be uncomfortable, scary and painful. Reach out for support if you need it, you are never alone in this journey.

And remember we have to Feel to Heal. Wishing you strength and courage on this journey.

Helping women balance wellness from
within and still live their ultimate lives.

Dr. Meagen is a House Call Chiropractor and Holistic Living Practitioner serving the Southeast area of Michigan. Follow her on facebook at Dr. Meagen House Call Chiropractic or Instagram at drmeghousecalls.