3 words to change out of your language for Good

The language in which we speak to ourselves and others plays a pivotal role in how we perceive the situations around us on a daily basis. How you speak to yourself plays volumes in any actions that you take. Our words matter and what we speak about, think about comes about in one way or another. Most of us never stop to observe ourselves or the words we speak. We run on auto-pilot with conditioning that has been so ingrained that we don’t know otherwise.

One way that you can start to understand how you are speaking and the words that you are thinking is to just start observing
yourself. Imagine looking at yourself from a higher perspective and just observe what you are saying and thinking. This takes
practice daily, but once you start to realize how you speak to yourself and others you can start to change it. You can change
the way you think, feel, and say. When you observe yourself saying or thinking about something you may not like, you can say
“Hmm, that’s interesting”, and choose something else. You don’t have to attach to it. Just observe it, and let it pass on by, then
choose something else. The beautiful thing we have on this planet is choice. We can choose how to see any situation in our lives,
whether we believe that or not. We always have a choice. Here are Three words that you can change in your language for
good and words to replace with…..

1. Should: Oh man should, should, should. This was a huge word for me for years. I should out of anything. I should workout, I should eat better, I should lose weight, I should not let my kids on their tablets too long, I should, I should, I should.

1. In short, should creates overwhelm, should creates anxiety, and should causes procrastination. It creates judgment on ourselves and when we judge ourselves it takes our sense of self worth and demolishes it. We may feel not good enough because we aren’t doing the things we should do.

Instead… Replace the should with COULD and observe how things can change for you. COULD allows for possibility. It allows what can be, and ultimately it gives us choice, which something we are all given. So instead of, “I should eat better” try “I COULD eat better” and see how that makes you feel. This creates a sense of self-empowerment, because you could do something if you choose to; that is taking back your power.

2. I Have To: Another fan favorite of mine I have used frequently. “I have to work-out” “I have to help my boss” “I have to stay late” ‘I have to help my family member”..

1. I have to sounds like a burden doesn’t it? It’s like you are doing something you don’t want to do but are doing it anyway. That sounds like misery, and many, many times in my life I would use this, “I have to pick up another day at work because they need help”, “I have to workout or I’m going to gain weight.” I have to drills down burden and stress in your life that doesn’t need to be there.

2. Instead…. Replace I have to with I CHOOSE TO or I GET TO. By choosing to do something, it implies that you have the choice or not to do the thing. So instead  of “I have to work-out”, or “ I have to stay late at work,” Choose to say instead, “I choose to work-out,” or “I get to work-out.” “I choose to stay late at work,” “I get to stay late at work.” These change a feeling of dread and burden to one of gratitude and gratitude raises our vibration.

3. I want: We all use this, and it is very important that we start to observe how often we say this, even if it’s just in passing
thought. I want to is very powerful at getting you what you don’t want.

1. I want implies doubt. It implies that there is something you don’t have. The universe does not process doubt or something you don’t have. If you believe you don’t have something your subconscious mind goes ok I’ll help with that, and the less you will have of the thing you want.
Instead…. Replace I want with I LOOK FORWARD TO. This implies that you believe that what you want is coming to you. Your subconscious mind then goes ok let’s get to work getting that for her, because you belief and look forward to it coming wholeheartedly. So instead of “I want more money,” try “I look forward to attracting more money in my life.” Simply changing your language opens up possibilities for you.

There you have it!! 3 words that are important for you use less of in your daily language. I am not saying you are ever going to get rid of saying these things. I still say them, sometimes daily. The key is to always be in observation of yourself because as you
observe you can change the language that you speak and think. Therefore living a more self-empowered and better life!

I encourage you to practice daily observing how you speak to yourself and others. The power to change is always in our hands!
Stay Empowered Loves

Dr. Meagen is a House Call Chiropractor and Holistic Living Practitioner serving the Southeast area of Michigan. Follow her on facebook at Dr. Meagen House Call Chiropractic or Instagram at drmeghousecalls.

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